PowerBed Orthotic Insoles

Your performance starts with your feet.

  • Maximize stability
  • Improve endurance
  • Increase comfort

When you stand, force enters through your feet and travels up through your knees, hips, and spine. An improperly supported foot can cause unequal torque, putting unwanted load on the muscular system. PowerBed Orthotics increase stability and give you the foundation to load your skeleton, create a steady base and improve your shooting performance.

Optimize your biomechanics with PowerBed Orthotics, the only prefabricated insole to provide total support of the foot’s bone structure.

Product Features:

  • PowerBed has been manufactured to truly conform to the anatomical skeletal needs of your specific foot. It provides critical support for all three of the foot’s arches, not just for the soft tissue and muscle.
  • PowerBed positions your heel in the same plane as your forefoot–exactly where it needs to be. This provides you with proper initial static posture, which translates to the ability to stand and move naturally.
  • PowerBed is the only prefabricated orthotic based on both arch length AND arch height, not simply shoe size. Products that rely only on shoe size often position the arch support component at the wrong point on the foot.

Most off-the-shelf products fail to provide high enough support at the arch.

In cases where the arch support is actually high enough, it is often too far forward which fails to prevent arch collapse.

Poor arch alignment can cause the knee and hip to move improperly–and lead to Instability.

  • The level of corrective support that PowerBed delivers cannot be achieved through techniques such as 3D scanning, direct heat molding, or casting the foot in plaster. Such solutions fail because the muscle and other soft tissue on the surface of the foot interfere with providing an accurate picture of the skeletal arch height and shape.
  • PowerBed works for 92% of the shoe-wearing population. If you’re part of the other 8%, we provide fully customizable solution made to meet your individual needs. Inquire through The Wisconsin Trigger Company.

PowerBed. Saving the world, one foot at a time!

Arch Length/Height Measuring Instructions

Print Measuring Tools:

Print Arch Length Scale and Arch Height Scale. Print both at 100% by selecting “actual size” in your print screen. Verify scale by measuring 6in. line on Length Scale and 1in. box on Height Scale. Fold the Arch Length Scale 90deg at line on back of sheet. Cut out and fold up Arch Height Scale triangle.

Arch Length:

  • Place foot on hard floor (not carpet).
  • Sit with knee over ankle.
  • Knee and ankle at 90 deg.
  • Place heel just touching fold on sheet.
  • Center heel on line and forefoot between grid on sheet.
  • Flex big toe joint off of floor. Use opposite hand to aid in lifting big toe joint if necessary.
  • Be mindful to keep knee directly over ankle. Rolling knee to outside will artificially heighten arch.
  • Relax big toe joint and measure arch length at center of big toe joint on arch length scale.
  • NOTE: If Arch Length is between sizes, order down.

Arch Height:

  • Repeat above steps.
  • Use Triangle Arch Height Measuring Tool.
  • Place tool at angle under Navicular bone.
  • Feel for boney protuberance (Navicular) just below and forward of ankle bone (Malleolus).
  • Push Triangle Arch Height tool in under Navicular until it deforms slightly.
  • Look straight down and read height on tool.
  • NOTE: If Arch Height is between M and H size, order up.